About The Bard’s Night


What is The Bard’s Night?

It is a celebration of the life of William Shakespeare, which takes place in Stratford-upon-Avon – the town where he was born and grew up and, later, where he died.


The venue for 2018 is again the Stratford ArtsHouse at 14 Rother Street, Stratford-upon-Avon CV37 6LU (the refurbished Civic Hall), which is once again an active supporter of The Bard’s Night 2018.


Themes for the occasion revolve around Shakespeare, the influences on his work, his words, the Elizabethan/Tudor world, and for 2018 we have chosen the theme of “The Elements: Earth, Fire, Wind and Water”.

The setting for The Bard’s Night 2018 is the octagonal main auditorium space of the Stratford Artshouse. The space will be dressed simply but effectively with hanging fabric banners, backdrop panels, with back projected images on stage, a 7m x 5m stage for performances, dramatic interruptions from the floor; musicians on ancient instruments, and linking material.

Robert Ball – the professional artistic director who runs Fred Theatre – again joins the Bard’s Night team to cast and direct the performers and create a thoroughly entertaining whole.

The Bard’s Night is a project owned and stage managed by Stratford Projects in association with the independent, professional theatre company, Fred Theatre.

The organisers of The Bard’s Night are grateful for the permissions granted by Judy Methuen – the sculptor who created the remarkable bronze bust from the recently discovered image of Shakespeare – known as the Cobbe portrait – and Kelly Jo Hearsey, the photographer responsible for the images of the bust shown on these web pages.

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