The Bard's Night | Chosen Charity

The Shakespeare Hospice is a charity registered with the Charity Commission (registered charity no. 1064091) and is regulated by its Articles of Association.

The Charity's principal object is to promote the relief of sickness in such ways as the Board of Trustees shall from time to time think fit by:

  • Establishing, maintaining and conducting a day centre or residential home in the county of Warwickshire for the reception and care of persons of either sex (without regard to race or creed) who are suffering (at any age) from any chronic or terminal illness or from any disability or disease whether attributable to old age or otherwise from any other physical infirmity, disability or disease, and by providing medical or other treatment and attention for such persons as aforesaid in their own homes
  • Conducting or promoting or encouraging research into the care and treatment of persons suffering from any such illness, disability, disease or infirmity as aforesaid and particularly into the care and treatment of persons suffering from cancer or terminal illness and to disseminate the results thereof to the public
  • Promoting or encouraging or assisting in the teaching or training of doctors, nurses, physiotherapists and other persons engaged in any branch of medicine, surgery, nursing or allied services, and in the teaching or training of students in any branch of medicine, surgery, nursing and allied services
  • Providing or assisting or encouraging the provision of spiritual help and guidance for any persons resident (either as patients or otherwise) or working in any such day centre, home or homes as aforesaid.


The organisers of The Bard's Night are grateful for the permissions granted by Judy Methuen - the sculptor who created the remarkable bronze bust from the recently discovered image of Shakespeare - and Kelly Jo Hearsey - the photographer responsible for the images of the bust shown on these web pages.