Bard’s Night Friday 20 April 2018

The theme for The Bard’s Night 2018 is “The Elements: Earth, Wind/Air, Fire and Water/Ice”. Dramatic, musical, dance and other content will feature this theme.

18.300 Musicians and entertainers greet guests

19:30 Call to dinner
Diabolus in Musica lead guests through to dinner and play while first course is served

19:50 Welcome from Gill Davies, director, The Bard’s Night
Alan Dedicoat profiles the charities for 2018 and explains the charity prize draw
Chosen charities: Air Ambulance Service and British Red Cross Fire & Emergency Support Service
The Romeo Interruption (Romeo & Juliet)

20.00 Main course served

20.40 Dance sequence

21.00 Dessert served

21.30 Interval – teas and coffees served in Foyer

21.50 Charity prize draw

22:00 An hour of entertaining performances including the company of Fred Theatre, Orchestra of the Swan wind quintet, dancers, rap performers, Diabolus in Musica, short film premiere, etc.

23:00 “Candlelit” toast to the spirit of William Shakespeare

23.30 Bars close

Midnight The Bard’s Night 2018 ends.

The tastes for the evening are being developed by the brilliant team at Four Leaf Clover Foods and the wines selected by the legs and bouquet sensors at Vin Neuf. The menu and wines will be published on this website as soon as they are confirmed.

Every year The Bard’s Night will bring new pieces of video, new dramatic pieces or new music or dance to each occasion. For 2017 we recorded “One Man, Many Voices”, which you can view below. It is one way of including the public in the overall performance on the night.


Tying in with the theme of “The Elements” the charities that The Bard’s Night will support in 2018 are the Air Ambulance Service and The British Red Cross Fire & Emergency Support Service (FESS).


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