The Bard’s Night 2018

The theme for The Bard’s Night 2018 is “The Elements: Earth, Wind/Air, Fire and Water/Ice”. Dramatic, musical, dance and other content will feature this theme.

19.00 Musicians and entertainers greet guests (interval drinks can be booked in advance or at the bar)

19:50 Welcome from Gill Davies, director, The Bard’s Night

The Romeo Interruption (Romeo & Juliet)

20.00 – 20.45 Performances (comedy, tragedy, music, dance which draw on the theme of The Elements)

20.45 – 21.15 Interval (included in the ticket price will be some interesting, tasty bites to enjoy with your interval drinks)

21.15 – 22.00 Performances (more comedy, tragedy, music, dance in keeping with the theme of The Elements)

22:00 “Candlelit” toast to the spirit of William Shakespeare

22.30 Bars close

23.00 Close


Every year The Bard’s Night will bring something new to each occasion – be it a video sequence, a new dramatic piece or new music or dance. For 2017 we recorded “One Man, Many Voices”, which you can view below. It is one way of including the public in the overall performance on the night. For 2018, there will be something equally new and different.

Though The Bard’s Night was postponed it is being re-scheduled for the Autumn. Production, however, continues unabated. In particular, elements of content that involve the residents of Stratford-upon-Avon are being worked on daily.

One of the most engaging elements of content during The Bard’s Night 2017 was the compilation entitled “One Man, Many Voices”, where 37 residents of Stratford each recorded a two-line quote from Shakespeare, using their smartphones. It proved so popular that the organisers are creating a similar compilation, entitled: “Local Lad, Mondial Man”. Quotes will link to the theme on the evening of The Elements : Fire, Earth, Wind/Air and Water/Ice/Clouds.

In essence, if a resident of Stratford is travelling away from the town for any reason, they can record a quote, given to them by Robert Ball, artisic director of The Bard’s Night, who notes: “We have received a submission recorded at the stilted village in Benin, Togo, already; and another from outside the Coliseum in Rome. And I’ve been promised one from the hill fort on the Malverns. But we need lots more.”

If you are interested in recording and submitting a quote simply drop an email to You will then receive your quote with brief instructions on how to record your video file. One key thing to remember is that the organisers need to see an identifiable landmark in the background. On returning to Stratford you simply send your video file to Robert Ball, who will then select the winning submissions.

Anyone submitting a video will have £5 deducted from any ticket they buy to The Bard’s Night 2018, and the winners who have their videos appearing in the compilation will be able to buy two tickets for the price of just one.


Tying in with the theme of “The Elements” the charities that The Bard’s Night will support in 2018 are the Air Ambulance Service and The British Red Cross Fire & Emergency Support Service (FESS).


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