The Bard's Night | Programme

Programme - Friday April 21, 2017 

The following programme gives a good idea as to the flow of the evening, which will be full of entertaining performances:

Entertainers greet guests
Saxaphone and guitar duet
Silent movie Shakespeare
The Shakespeare Hospice video 

Call to dinner
Diabolus in Musica and actors lead guests through to dinner and play while first course is served

Gill Davies, director, The Bard’s Night: welcome remarks
Senior representative of The Shakespeare Hospice: About the Charity

Alan Dedicoat explains the Charity Prize Draw

First course served
Romeo, Romeo … (Romeo & Juliet)

Main course served
Clown gravediggers (Hamlet)

Dessert served

Shakespeare Morris Men

Coffees served in Foyer

Comfort break 

Diabolus (five mins)

Prize Draw in aid of The Shakespeare Hospice 

Bukechi and cast: Brush Up Your Shakespeare (Kiss Me Kate)

Chorus: Henry V

Soliloquy mash up: Henry V, Hamlet and Richard III

Bukechi: Ophelia

Premiere: New Plays

Bukechi: It Was a Lover and His Lass

Malvolio: The Letter

Sonnet 18

Bukechi: I Bet You Look Good on the Dance Floor

Titania meets Oberon (Midsummer Night’s Dream)

This England (Richard II)

Full Fathom Five (The Tempest)

Prospero: Ye elves... (The Tempest)

Bukechi: Romeo & Juliet

Bukechi: A Case of You

Puck: If we shadows have offended... (Midsummer Night’s Dream) 

Birthday toast to HM The Queen

Video Premiere: One Man, Many Voices

Diabolus in Musica leads candlelit procession

Robert Ball (artistic director) reads Sonnet 32, If thou survive...

Toast to the Bard

Bars close

The Bard's Night ends.


Tickets are available, priced at £60 (limited number), £90 or £150 (limited number) including VAT, for reception drinks and entertainment, a three-course dinner, multi-faceted performances from professional actors, dancers and musicians, rounded off with the candlelit procession and first toast of the Shakespeare Birthday Weekend to the man himself - William Shakespeare. Simply visit the Stratford ArtsHouse website to place your booking for this great event - or call in person to book your seats.

Dress code is black tie.


The organisers of Bard's Night are grateful for the permissions granted by Judy Methuen - the sculptor who created the remarkable bronze bust from the recently discovered image of Shakespeare - known as the Cobbe portrait - and Kelly Jo Hearsey, the photographer responsible for the images of the bust shown on these web pages.